Business consultancy professional

We deal with consultancy for companies through our team of experienced and qualified professionals. Specifically, we deal with property, business and tax consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises, guiding the customer throughout the project.

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Asset advice

The property consultancy deals with the construction, development and maintenance, investment plans and plans for the protection and protection of companies’ assets. We carry out an independent analysis and consultancy, aimed at structuring companies from a financial and equity point of view, protecting key roles, activating the end of mandate treatment and dedicated legal protections

Technology Trading

Nimatec operates in the trading sector by developing solutions and implementing projects in the field of technologies. We negotiate telecommunication products and systems, we also manage the selection and supply of PCs, printers, consumables and other hardware and network devices.

Administrative advice

Through high profile reference partners we are able to analyze and manage accounting and tax situations. We develop Report Analysis of financial statements with Basel 3 rating and creditworthiness of the Medium Credit Central Guarantee fund, in order to detect the main financial statement indices such as ROI, ROS, ROE, LEVERAGE EFFECT, Z-SCORE to evaluate the corporate fallibility index , assessment of admission to the Medium Credit Guarantee Fund

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